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Why have a website?

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Custom Software

Do you have a business need that just can't be met by off-the-shelf software?  We have over 30 years of experience developing custom desktop applications and websites for large and small businesses.  We'll take responsibility for the full life-cycle project management or simply provide developers for your project.

IT Support and Service

We provide all types of computer services at affordable rates for residential and small business customers.  We'll help with everything from virus removal, computer problem diagnosis, software installations, data backup, disaster recovery plans, and even desktop support and training.  Let us build a relationship with you.

Home and Office Networks

If you already have a computer network in your home or office, trust us for your network support and improvements.  If you need a network, let us professionally install your network.  We can recommend the best design based on your needs.  Call us today for a free network consultation.

Website Development and Hosting

Your business needs a website that represents your professional attitude.  Straight Cue Solutions offers a variety of different options for website development, hosting, and maintenance.  We can build a site that you can maintain yourself, or, we can handle everything for you.  Contact us today to get started!

Technology Consulting

With over 25 years of experience solving technology's toughest challenges, you can be confident that we can help you.  We'll talk to you in plain English instead of technical jargon. Trust us to help your business understand and benefit from the latest technological advances, social media, internet and mobile marketing.